OWOP: Day 1 with Denim Ginger

With the excitement of the first day of my fitting workshop, I completely forgot that today was the start of OWOP. As soon as I got home, I threw my Ginger on and took a walk with the mister to enjoy the sun. Londoners, wasn’t today AMAZING?

This Ginger is my least worn simply because it’s still quite snug. Six months ago the skirt didn’t even close around my waist. But today it zips up. Small victories, yay!

Sorry to keep this post short and sweet but there’s Pimms to be had.

15 thoughts on “OWOP: Day 1 with Denim Ginger

  1. You look so beautiful in red and dark blue! Seriously, your colors! You should consider making a red dress or blouse!
    Although I can’t complain because our winter was terribly mild, I wish we had your good weather right now. My mom is in town this week and it’s forecast to rain the whole time 😦


  2. I love this skirt. I was sleuthing on the minoru jacket and came upon a comment of yours. You look as beautiful as ever.


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