I really wanted to title this post, “What the hell is going on here? I need help, stat!” But decided on my second, blander choice. I’ve been having quite the fitting issues with my Darling dress. I was trying well hard to figure it out on my own. A week later and I’m still not too sure what to do next. Also, not sure why I refused to ask for help earlier. Stupid pride? Fear to admit failure? Admitting to doing something stupid again? Yes, to all of them.

I thought I figured out the first fit issue: the pattern needed to be graded up more. So I did that. I tried on the dress several times as I put it together and it seemed to be going fine. I was a few steps away from finishing and decide to admire my work. And I was offended by this…

Look at those shoulder seams, standing up, taunting me, all devil-horn-like.

Ai-yai-yai. What is a girl to do? Am I suppose to undo the shoulder seams and take away the excess (assuming that’s why the seams are standing away from the shoulders) fabric*? Also, I have a strong feeling that I need to add more ease all around. What do you think? And if I add more ease, maybe the shoulder problem will go away?

So, yeah. I’ll be standing in a corner, waiting for your replies (thanks in advance!).

Luckily I've since fixed that wonky dart.

*no fabulous pricey fabric was hurt in the making of this flop. It was some nice cheap and cheerful fabric from the Birmingham meet up. Although some lovely Parisian bias binding may be in jeopardy.

17 thoughts on “So…yeah…

  1. Aw, bless, you beautiful lady! It does look as though a lack of ease somewhere is pushing those shoulders up. It looks as though the area around the top of the shoulders in the front bodice is pulling. Can you see those crease lines between the top button and the kind of lower shoulder? I wonder if you need to add some width to the top of the front bodice sections. You know, really, you need a trusted sewing friend to come round and make some pin adjustments on that whilst you wear it. It’s so tricky to assess from a photo. Good luck. Don’t beat yourself up – this happens to everyone.


  2. Did you do a FBA? I’m trying to wrap my head around these kinds of adjustments too. It’s so frustrating when it doesn’t work out, but so satisfying when it finally comes together!


  3. Oh no! I’m looking forward to seeing your finished version, as I’ve yet to start on mine. Don’t know what to suggest I’m afraid, but I hope you manage to fix it.


  4. Yikes. I wish I had sage words of advice but quite frankly, I suck at figuring out fit issues… that’s why my Rooibos has been put aside since last October. I’m sure you’ll get answers from knowledgeable readers, and I’ll be in the sidelines cheering you on. ¡Buena suerte!


  5. I think you’re almost there- I think Karen is right- perhaps if the sleeve was fuller at the top? It may be pulling the neckline open a bit to accomodate…..I love the color on you! Don’t stop!


  6. Oh so frustrating! I wish I could offer advice but I’m absolutely clueless. I’m actually working on Megan’s Banskia top right now and am dealing with some fit issues as well. Tell me, did you find the dart apex (point) strangely high? I’m wondering if it’s something that runs throughout her line or just the Banskia. I was just looking at her clothing line’s pictures and the dart point is high on the model as well. Strange. It seems like she wanted it this way but I can’t figure out why that would be.
    Keep pluggin’! This will be great when you solve the shoulder issues!


    • YES! Those darts have been such a pain to work with. They initially pointed up into my armpit. I had to fight to get them relatively leveled with my girls. I am honestly considering getting rid of them. The only problem with that is that I am so close to getting the right fit that I’m scared a drastic change in the pattern might set me back.

      Let me know when you sort it out. Good luck!


  7. FWIW I think Karen’s got it – a bit more ease above the bust should help. Also I’m wondering if the shoulder point’s in the right place? Hard to tell from the picture! Don’t give up, sometimes I find one small change makes the whole thing fall into place.

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  8. I’ve just been browsing your blog and wanted to say- you have a lovely face and such nice skin! Haha, just thought I’d give out a free compliment 🙂 Sorry but I can’t help with fitting, I’m a true novice! lol!


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