I’m so looking past you

20120111-044853 PM.jpg

My Hot Patterns skirt is currently being ignored by me. This pattern has been ready and waiting to go for a week. I got so far as to iron and lay out my wearable muslin. But for some reason I can’t seem to go the next step and cut the fabric pieces.

My lackluster reaction for it has to do with having read the tepid reviews on the pattern. The waistband seems to run small, an easy fix but still…There is something about this skirt that screams ‘more trouble than it’s worth.’ Maybe it’s just the state of mind I’m in. I want to make more fun, flirty things. So I am putting this aside for now and moving on to two other things.

The first is from the Sew Colette challenge, the Meringue skirt. The second is the Darling Ranges dress.

I’m determined to cutesify my wardrobe; no room for feeling uninspired. Ever feel that way and had to put aside a project? I feel like I’m being a bit harsh but realistic. I mean, the pattern isn’t going anywhere. I’ll come back to it one day.

13 thoughts on “I’m so looking past you

  1. Everything I am working on at the moment gets left unfinished. I know one day I will be inspired again, and so should you. Like everyone said, just go with the flow.


  2. Ugh, working out sewing problems when you’re not inspired about the final project can be a slog, right? I’m another Colette sew-along-er, so at least we can all get excited about the Meringue together!

    I’d also love to see your version of the Darling Ranges dress! I know it’s only a matter of time before I cave and buy the pattern. but for now, I’m content to ‘ooh’ over everyone else’s version. 🙂


    • The Meringue will be such a nice quick sew with uber cute results. Can’t wait to see what fabrics people choose. I’m still stuck on that one. Have you picked yours yet? I hope the Daring Ranges dress grades up okay because I have really been wanting to make it since since Paunett’s version. So cute!


      • I’m sort of stuck, too– I think I’ve looked at hundreds of fabrics across the web, but I can’t decide! There’s an interior decorating fabric on Etsy that would be perfect, but the seller hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Alas!

        Paunett’s Darling Ranges is so adorable. Good luck on your version!


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