I don’t drink (hot) tea…

…but it’s quite useful for dying purposes.

You see, I found that I am a wee bit short on my Jasmine fabric so I decided to take a play out of Patty Snug Bug‘s playbook and use a crochet trim as the long tie. I bought some offline and found it to be too light (snow white). Enter the tea. Two liters of water, eight tea bags later and my four yards of trim were dyed and ready to go. Well, after drying of course.

Used some tea to dye some cotton crochet trim.

Here’s hoping I figure out how to attach the thing!

10 thoughts on “I don’t drink (hot) tea…

  1. Oh great! Thanks for sharing this, I’m making a slip at the moment and I could only find white elastic, but I was hoping to dye it…fingers crossed this method will work on elastic too!


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