Sew it right round, baby

I was debating drafting a circle skirt pattern but then I remembered I had bought one (Vogue 8749) ages ago. So I figured I should give that a try and save the drafting for my next circle skirt. This pattern is made up of two pattern pieces that you cut each twice, plus a waistband. Dead easy. So I thought.

I graded the pattern up a couple of sizes but somewhere I fudged my numbers and ended up having to take in the skirt five inches. Boo. Nothing sucks more royally than having to do more work when you think you’re done. But the work was worth it. I really love the way the skirt fits and looks.

circle skirt, tweed, wool

I love when a skirts sits on my natural waist

I experienced one of two firsts during this project. It was the first time I made pockets. You can’t ever go wrong with pockets in a skirt.

circle skirt, tweed, wool

Concealed zips have been the only ones I’ve inserted before. But I got to insert my first standard zip and it was a success. I promise it’s straight and not all curvy as it looks in the picture.

circle skirt, tweed, wool

Standard zip? Check.

I almost left the skirt unfinished because I just didn’t want to deal with the hem. While sulking on the couch I remembered a folding template that was shared on Pinterest (thank you whoever shared it!) and it saved my sanity. I successfully managed to do a curved hem without any puckers occurring. Wheee! That template will be my go-to from now on. It beats having to measure as you fold.

circle skirt, hem, tweed

Lined and hemmed. Oh yeah!

Winter has arrived and I finally have the wool skirt I’ve been wanting. It’s sassy, chic, and most importantly, warm.

tweed, wool, circle skirt

Happy lady in a tweed skirt


21 thoughts on “Sew it right round, baby

  1. Love this skirt! Reminds me of pretty wool ice skating skirts that I loved in an old issue of Victoria magazine. And, THANKS so very much for the link to folding curved hems. I could never hem a curved skirt properly and used to wonder how it was done!


  2. You can NEVER go wrong with pockets in a skirt! Why? Because they make the world go round. That’s why. It means you can put your phone in your pocket and not have to take a handbag, meaning you don’t have to become a pack-horse for your friends.

    All of your extra work was worth it. This skirt rocks x


    • I think I will have to add pockets to some of my other makes. It just makes sense. It’s a great place to put your hands and stop you form looking awkward when you standing around somewhere πŸ™‚


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