Schoolhouse (Rocks!) Tunic

The Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic rocks. Enough said. Okay, not really. The pattern came together really easily and it was really fun to put together. The fit is very flattering and I have to admit that I think it looks better in person (aka I-couldn’t-take-a-good-picture-of-this-tunic-to-save-my-life).

The black organic cotton I chose looks so lush. Love it.

I graded the pattern up a size and it fits really well. Look, no back boobs! Success!

The back

Having successfully graded another pattern (Ginger being the first) left me feeling pretty giddy and a bit goofy. I demanded a photo with my trusty meter stick.

Channeling teacher behavior

Trying to be serious and failing

I love my meter stick

I’ll definitely make another tunic or two. This tunic screams for a print version.

Now I leave you with another schoolhouse gem…


Guess who won a prize at the Madhatter’s Tea Party at Bea’s of Bloomsbury?

Colette Ginger Pattern

This girl!

I'll now be known as 'Seamstress Extraordinaire', thank you very much.

Cannot wait to bake some of the blondies. They are amazing. Highly recommend afternoon tea at Bea’s. I love the St. Paul’s location especially.


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25 thoughts on “Schoolhouse (Rocks!) Tunic

  1. Ooh ooh ooh! That tunic is THE BUSINESS!
    It is so flattering to your figure – it hits all the right places and shows off your assets too. (Now don’t be rude Roo or she will send you to the back of the class!)
    You are on such a roll of great projects!


  2. Mela I love the tunic. It looks lovely on you….and the yardstick…….I’d be scared if you were my teacher….no bad behaviour from me. That cake on that book cover looks so yummy….


  3. The tunic is fab. I love the fabric and the shape really suits you. You have tempted me into putting the pattern onto my wishlist for next year or maybe asking Santa. I am loving your boots too BTW. Congratulations on the prize – you made a great skirt. I am so behind on blog reading, just catching up now with your recent postings. 🙂


  4. Hi, it’s my first visit to your blog 🙂
    LOVE (caps, bold, large font) your tunic. I saw a dark grey tunic in a magazine and thought that it was really nice. Now I see yours and it confirms that a tunic in a dark colour is just so cool. I’m now on the lookout for some dark linen fabric to make something like yours 🙂
    And your Alice skirt is amazing!!!! Love it too.
    Please excuse me now while I go have a cup of tea and stalk your archives 🙂 🙂


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