A Tea Party Favorite

As I look out at the moon tonight I see the Cheshire Cat staring down at me.

Alice In Wonderland, Colette Ginger pattern

Quite fitting since I’ve made myself quite the skirt for a Madhatter’s Tea Party at Bea’s of Bloomsbury. Guests are asked to come in fancy dress. I didn’t want to invest in something I wouldn’t wear again so I went for a whimsical look. Enter version 2 of the Ginger skirt. After hunting down some fabric on Etsy and using a bit of “Alice in Wonderland’ Kokka fabric for the waistband I was set. The skirt came together easily enough. But when I finished I felt it was missing something…

Alice In Wonderland, Colette Ginger pattern

The more I looked at it the more I wished I had added some cream piping in between the skirt and waistband.

Alice In Wonderland, Colette Ginger pattern

I was not about to take it apart to put in a bit of piping. But I still needed *something* to pull together the two fabrics. Enter…DAH DAH DAH…The Tilly Bow Belt.

Colette Ginger skirt

It really pulls the skirt together, helping it go up a notch in ‘wow’. The bow belt will definitely be a great go-to tutorial/accessory for other makes. So easy and fast. Two things I love :) And I’m not the only admirer; more bow belt love here and here.

What changes did I do to the skirt? Not too much. I cut the front piece on the fold (I was NOT cutting those images), added a lining* ( which I forgot to take a photo of, d’oh!), and hand stitched the hem. That method took a long time but, my word, I love the result.

So, me and my skirt we will be headed to that tea party on Friday, in which I hope to win a prize for best dressed.

*Thanks for the lining idea, Scruffy Badger!

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10 thoughts on “A Tea Party Favorite

  1. Oh! My! God! This is possibly THE best skirt I’ve seen…EVER! Well done Mela, I just can’t wait to see it on you! What excellent fabric choices and the belt ties it all together beautifully!

  2. Melizza how geniusly wonderful! What a great idea for not quite fancy dress, but aside from that it’s such a sweet skirt ! Just also imagine how popular you’ll be around nieces/ nephews/ children of friends!! The bow belt sets it off beautifully too. (-:

  3. Oh wow, that really is gorgeous and I appreciate it all the more now that I’ve seen the detail. Isn’t that belt so special?? I’m loving your sewing escapades but am slightly envious of your easy style, I must admit!

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