My sewing table is empty!

Just kidding. It totally isn’t. It would have been had I not discovered patchwork. I didn’t know what to expect from it but I found it quite satisfying. The reward comes quite fast once you’ve cut all your bits and start sewing.

Sara Morgan "Feedsack" and "Savannah" ranges

So now I’ve added something else to the sewing table when I was so close to finishing all my projects.

I completed the last project in my original sewing queue: Thanksgiving napkins.

My future is so bright I have to wear shades

Can I just tell you that I tried to add ric-rac to them and failed at catching them. I abandoned them and decided to just do some simple mitered corners. Simple…ha! I forgot how to do a mitered corner. Come on! My brain must have been full of goo because I could just not remember. And looking it up helped a bit but the corners weren’t all matching up. To be fair I rushed them so that added to the inconsistency. So let’s hope no one goes inspecting them come Thursday.


I’m looking forward to sewing things without a deadline. It’s much more fun and less stressful that way. Now, if only I didn’t have a cooking/baking queue (turkey, green bean casserole, Gruyere almond crackers, veggie lentil soup, apple stuffing, crusty rolls, buttermilk pecan pie, AND chocolate chess pie)and deadline for Thursday.

3 thoughts on “My sewing table is empty!

  1. Although everything seems very stressful right now, I’m sure you will spend a wonderful time with the family on Thursday. I had the Patchwork bug two years ago … maybe it’s time to start again …


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