“If I hold my breath…it fits.”

That’s what I thought as I sat across from a friend yesterday, wearing my second Sencha (wearable-ish) muslin. Using some spotty poly fabric I picked up in Birmingham I put together the shirt a couple of days ago. Initially while wearing it I thought it felt okay but the longer I had it on the more I thought something was off.

For this muslin I shaved an inch from the neckline and left out the facings, using bias binding instead to finish the neckline. I also (accidentally, d’oh!) hemmed the sleeves a bit more than what the directions called for.

Even though the shirt closes okay in the back the fit still feels awkward. I’m really glad that I decided to wear it about to confirm my doubts and figure out what exactly was bugging me: tight sleeves, short length and lack of ease.

Those green buttons make me smile

For the final version I will definitely widen the sleeves, lengthen it and grade the pattern up a bit. And maybe take the suggestions from others and do version 3.

That keyhole is super cute and I found that I have enough of a Liberty fabric to make it with. Score!


9 thoughts on ““If I hold my breath…it fits.”

  1. Wow! I love this top. Indeed, the version # 3 is so beautiful, the tear in the neck line is really beautiful and offers a touch of fun. Love your sewing progress!


  2. I once learned sewing, after several attempts to make clothes for myself, I decided to quit cos I can never get the sleeve right….I got very uncomfortable wearing my own hand made clothes..glad that you have got the interest in sewing and pursuing it..keep up..

    O by the way, I am from Malaysia..just drop by to say HI…


    • I love to learn to new things so I really enjoy trying to fix sewing problems. Well, I don’t always enjoy it but I love when ideas click and the project comes together correctly.

      Thanks for the encouragement!


    • I am going to wash it and see if it fits better. By the end of the evening the neckline stretched out a bit. So the verdict is still out. The buttons were covered using some scrap fabric. I love self-covered buttons.


  3. Melizza! I’ve just realised that I love everything you make! You’ve got such a great sense of style and I love that you critique your own creations and the patterns because I just know you’re going to get to a point where you’re really happy.


    • Thank you! I hope to get get better at describing my sewing issues and critiques because I know someone out there who will have the same issue as myself and appreciate my rights and wrongs. So, aren’t you itching to start sewing again đŸ™‚ ?


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