I stared Negroni in the eye and won!

2nd wedding anniversary gift for cotton

Can’t wait to share photos of my hubbie in his new shirt. He’s wearing it on our wedding anniversary, Tuesday. With him wearing something new I’ve decided to whip something up for myself. Maybe finish the Sencha or do a sweet skirt? Who knows but I have a little over a day to make it. Fingers crossed!


12 thoughts on “I stared Negroni in the eye and won!

    • Thank you! It was quite a challenge. Even though G doesn’t like long sleeve shirts I may give that one a go any way. I look forward to hear how you found sewing it. The second run at the shirt was still as tricky as the first but for different reasons. I’ll be sure to post about all my headaches to prevent you of any of them.


    • I actually did the pocket and flaps towards the end. When I had sewn the pocket first, aligning it to the pattern markings, it was completely off. For the final garment I had Greg wear it so I can re-position the markings. So yeah it was satisfying but mostly because I was so close to being done. I hope you post about your Negroni sewing experience. I still want to learn all I can about it since I want to make a few more.


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