Colette Negroni Shirt muslin

¡Ay yai yai!

It was by sheer determination that I put the Negroni shirt together. If this project wasn’t for my honey I would have been so be okay with putting it aside and trying again in the future. But I was determined for him to wear it on our anniversary so I kept my eye on the prize and soldiered on.

Attaching the facing/yoke piece was a force to be reckoned with. I attached it and unpicked it three times. I looked online for help but couldn’t find any visual aid. Instead I read how easily the shirt came together for others. I so disagreed. But I had to remind myself that I can’t compare myself to other sewists. Our skills set vary. And I am such a visual learner. Not being able to see how the facing/yoke was meant to attach drove me batty! When I FINALLY sewn it on correctly I couldn’t remember how! Oy. Here’s hoping I have muscle memory for the final version.

The sleeves? I’ve never attached sleeves before this project. I attached and unpicked one sleeve six times! Yes. Six! The second sleeve? Only once. What was the problem? My fabric didn’t have a wrong side and I never indicated a side as one. Duh, Mela. DUH.

An addition to my frustrations came from the cheap, craptastic fabric I used for the test garment. It kept fraying and it would not hold a press for long. Folds seemed to disappear in a matter of minutes. Hopefully the shirting fabric will make the sewing process go a lot easier next time.

So here’s the shirt that I almost lit on fire on G.
Negroni Colette Shirt Pattern

The pocket placement is off. Initially I wasn’t sure and asked a few people and everyone agreed that it has to be lowered and moved to the (my) right.

Negroni Colette Shirt Pattern

Negroni Colette Shirt Pattern

All in all I think the shirt fits pretty well but I am still unsure. I cut G a size medium and it fits him like a glove. Maybe too much so? Although there’s no strain anywhere (or is there strain and my beginner’s eyes fail me?) I can’t help but compare how the Negroni fits on G versus the Negroni fits on other men. I found that the shirt appeared to have a bit more ease on the other men. I am tempted to add a smidgen more, maybe an inch overall. I haven’t decided yet. But what I do know is that I can’t wait to see how the shirt looks in fashion fabric.

*no photos of the bottom half since I didn’t bother to hem it.


8 thoughts on “Colette Negroni Shirt muslin

  1. This is looking great Mela, I’m so impressed! I’ve challenged myself to make my boyfriend a Negroni for Xmas, but I want it to be a complete surprise. So it’s all cut out and I’ve got a well-fitting shirt of his to compare the size/fit to. I’m dreading it not fitting…oh and I’ve had to try and match plaids…it could all go terribly wrong! Did I metion that I haven’t started it yet??? Eeek!


    • Thank you! The stitching is less than stellar but that’s what matching thread is for, to hide those little imperfections 🙂

      You so have time! Especially if you do the short sleeved version. I lucked out that G doesn’t like long sleeves.

      I definitely recommend doing a muslin. That yoke thing can be tricky. Or it could just be me being a bit slow 🙂


  2. Brava! I’m so impressed you’re making a shirt! A for-real shirt!

    And *please* keep writing about the problems you have with these projects — it’s so helpful to know what issues others have and how they address them.


  3. I think it looks fabulous! The shoulders are right on and it doesn’t look too tight anywhere but you are right that others seem to be a bit more loose fitting. Yours has more of a European cut fit. ; ) The final version is going to be awesome.


  4. Well done for seeing it through. I think you’ve done really well, so much so that I’m thinking I should get on with it too- its going to look so good. Interested in what fabric you’re going to make it from. And I am sure that having struggled once you’ll find it much easier the next time!


    • I bought some stripey shirting fabric made from cotton and viscose.

      I do hope it’s easier the next time around. I need to get on it soon, before I forget everything!


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