My first knitting project

Thanks Karen for sharing the link to the lovely snood/cowl you made. I fell in love with it instantly and decided it would be a great first project to attempt. After watching a few videos on I was on my way. My cowl didn’t come out as chunky as the one pictured in the pattern but I am so okay with that. I am still going to rock out with my cowl out.

Yarn used: Debbie Bliss Como, 42m/50g with 12mm needles


27 thoughts on “My first knitting project

    • It’s so nice to do while sitting on the sofa. I figured it better to do that than waste time playing on my computer, as I often do after dinner. Miss you Dibs! Hope you’re doing well.


      • Never been better….oh well since u know what started. went yarn hunting today. lol. Did not buy any, but will continue hunting for the perfect colour. how many balls did you use? are u working tomorrow?


        • I used 2 balls of 50g chunky yarn. I loved the one I used because it has a wee bit of cashmere so it feels really nice against my skin.

          I work tomorrow from 4-7. You should stop by. Ray sells yarn in the shop. They are well priced, I think.


          • will see if i can come. have caught a cold so needless to say i am currently curled up in bed.i bought some big sirdar softie super chunky yarn yesterday and some size 12 needles. lol. today will be spent fighting with yarn.


    • Yes! It’s my first knit. I am as proud as a peacock. I will admit that I unraveled it once after I missed a couple of stitches and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I need to figure that out to save myself from future frustrations.


  1. Hey, hey! I am immensely proud to have inspired a first knitting project – and you’re clearly born to knit. Such great, neat tension. I love the colour, too. Now I want a pink one! I have been wearing mine to death. It’s perfect for indoors when the air con gets a bit too cool, as well as outdoors wear. I bet that wool you used is lovely and soft. Debbie Bliss makes great wool and patterns. Well done! A colleague of mine is also knitting this snood now.


    • Thanks again for sharing the link. I wouldn’t have found such a great project on my own. It was easy and challenging enough for a first project. I really loved it. I am now considering doing the longer version, maybe in teal.


  2. Beautiful! I can’t believe it’s your first knitting project, it’s so well made. Well done! I’ve been thinking for ages that I want to learn how to knit, maybe I should just start knitting that scarf… You’ve inspired me to try!


    • I have to admit that I unraveled it once due to some missed stitches so I definitely went through some frustrations. But yes, definitely give it a go. I really enjoyed the fluidity of it all, if that makes sense.


  3. Oh I’m so, so impressed, it looks fabulous! I’ve just written about your lovely snood in my latest blog post. I’ve now got one too, but had to resort to more underhand methods….x


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