What’s on the sewing table

Buying new fabrics always puts me in a frenzy and I want to make everything NOW. I have been trying to calm myself down and keep from starting new projects. Currently I have three on the sewing table now and can’t take on any more. So self, slow your roll.

Here’s what I am working on.

Colette Sencha Blouse

I am not digging the neckline so much. I felt it was too high for me. So I am thinking that I will take off a few inches, make it more of a boat neck. I’m not too fond of the darts either. I’m considering shortening those. Or maybe I will just follow a few of Kat’s awesome alterations because her Sencha is gorgeous.

Colette Negroni

anniversary gift cotton
Cotton is the suggested gift material for second wedding anniversaries. Ours is next month so I am going to give the Negroni a go. I know, I know…I promised myself to stay clear of patterns above my skill level but since I am giving myself so much time to complete it I figured, why not? Besides, I will come up with a backup gift. That one will be kept a surprise.

Today I start on the muslin, following the sew along instructions from Male Pattern Boldness. I am going to try hard to treat the muslin as if it’s the final product (something I never do), doing all the steps and taking my time.

Thanksgiving Day Napkins

Klona fabric

Thanksgiving Napkins
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s the one holiday that everyone in my family went out of their way to spend together. As an expat the holiday has more sentimental meanings. I love hosting the event: setting the table, baking the turkey and pies and enjoying the company of friends. Last year I was well cranky over not finding the perfect napkins for the table. This year I get to make them. The napkins will be a set of 12, double-sided with a ric rac trim. Adorable.

Anyone else bitten too much they can chew at the moment?

10 thoughts on “What’s on the sewing table

  1. I like the ruching effect that the double-darts do in the front! Maybe shift them away from the center by an inch either way? They felt too front-and-center on my muslin.

    I totally know what you mean about the neckline! It was too too close! I just took a big bowl from the kitchen and used it to trace a curved neckline, and re-drew it on the front bodice pattern…super easy!


  2. I agree with kathleen about the darts. Maybe remove the two center ones and add two to the outside of the remaining darts?

    and I don’t like the neckline on you either. Instead of a boatneck, which IMO is still pretty high, why not a gentle scoop. I think it’s because of your bust, to put it bluntly, so you need to show some skin there.

    Did you close the back in these picks? Because the hemline/hips look a bit generous on you.


    • I had my husband use some pins to close the back. I *think* the side seams will look smoother and neater when I use buttons to close the back. At least…I hope it will.

      Thanks for the tips. I really appreciate them.


  3. Oh, I think it’s good to have more than one thing on the go at once … you can then pick & choose sewing what you fancy. Lovely idea sewing Negroni for your wedding anniversary ….I haven’t got round to it yet. I think the Sencha neck is also a little higher than I usually wear, but made the keyhole version. It’ll be interesting to see what decision you make πŸ™‚
    Cute fabric


  4. I agree that your Sencha looks too high-necked. I have only used the pleat-necked version and I wonder if it is cut lower? But I think the keyhole would be really cute on you! And I like what the others said about moving the darts. : )


  5. Hey- I just found you through Debi. πŸ™‚ I had a look at your Sencha and thought- “Hey, she has the same issue that I have!” I’d suggest unpicking the darts, gently steam pressing the fabric, and moving the darts out toward the side seams a little bit. The underbust darts, I mean. It seems like they’re too close to the center front of your blouse. That used to happen to me, moving them made all the difference. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you! I *need* to get this shirt sorted and finished. I’ve put it on the back burner but I’d love to wear it for the holidays. I will definitely give moving the darts a try. I am also considering not using the facing and finishing off the neckline with bias tape. Here’s hoping I can get to it sooner than later. Thanks again!


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