The Colette Ginger bug is going around…

…and I think I got it. I blame Marie and her beautiful Ginger skirts.

I initially made a denim Ginger, size 18, with hopes to fit into it in a month or so. Well…I want to wear one NOW. I wasn’t sure how to go about getting the right fit but after asking in the Colette forum I was pointed in the right direction: grading. I decided to bite the bullet, forget my grading issues with the Rooibos dress and try grading up the Ginger skirt…THREE WHOLE SIZES.

I held my Fit for Real People book for quite a while, hoping to get the info in me through osmosis. No go. So I cracked it open and found the slash and spread method would be my best bet.

I had to add *blush* five inches overall. I was dealing with 2 skirt pattern pieces that required to be cut twice to get 4 skirt pieces. So 5in./4=1.25 in. that I spread equally among three slashes on each skirt pattern. I did the same to the waistband.

And you know what? It freaking worked. No crazy amount of muslins made. Just one muslin and one skirt. I have to be honest, though. I didn’t use any of my good quality fabric. Even though the muslin fit I was a bit nervous (Rooibos, you burned me real bad) about using anything other than some poly-cotton. Aside from it not feeling amazing, the skirt came out great. My husband wasn’t home to take any photos of me wearing it so you’ll have to bear with the one I took myself.

Looking forward to making another. I’d love one in corduroy with pockets.

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “The Colette Ginger bug is going around…

  1. Hehe, thanks for the name-check/finger of blame ;o) I’m so glad you approached grading methodically, it really looks like it paid off and I can’t wait to see full pictures of you wearing your new skirt! I hope you’ve built your confidence up a bit and not feel you can tackle other projects…maybe even Roibos?!


    • I am hoping that I can revisit that Rooibos dress. I just bought some pretty gray wool crepe that is screaming to be used. *Sigh* But I will be patient and wait and take my time with the grading. Even if it means making a couple of more muslins 🙂


  2. Oh well done on the re-sizing! It can be so hard to keep the original garment shape when you change the size, but I can see that your method really worked – woo hoo! Great skirt!


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