A skirt for now and one for later

Guess who bought 6 yards of denim for £4? Me. And look, I made a skirt. Or two…

After my Rooibos frustrations I decided to go for something fast and easy. You know, to build up my confidence. And that it did. I made the skirt on Thursday and have worn it twice since then. Overexcited? Just a little.

Starboard Skirt

Sorry for the blurriness but it was the only pic I looked decent in. Well, I guess there was also this one.
Suburbmama Tutorial

You can find the free tutorial here. I definitely recommend it. I’ll definitely make another if I buy some more tacking or denim fabric.

The other skirt I made was Colette’s Ginger skirt. I am currently battling the bulge and made it for when I lose a bit more weight (5 pounds down, lots more to go!). It’s a couple of inches too small. I am hoping to be rocking this by mid-fall (fingers crossed!) with a pair of Tuscan boots I purchased on holiday last year.

Denim Ginger Skirt

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I have so many projects in line for my fall wardrobe. Next up…I don’t know?! I can’t decide between Colette Sencha and or a Butterick 5610 top. Hmm…


15 thoughts on “A skirt for now and one for later

  1. Yay! I love your Starboard skirt. Are you happy with the use of elastic on the back section of the skirt? I have an overwhelming desire to make myself more skirts to cycle in. This may need to be one of them! Well done on your makes. You look so pretty and happy!


    • Thanks! I’m glad you asked that because I forgot to mention it. The elastic on the back section gives me a bit of bubble butt, which *so* isn’t flattering when you have junk in your trunk. But the skirt looks lovely with a cardigan or a not tucked in shirt.


  2. I love the Starboard skirt on you, thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial as I’m always on the hunt for a good skirt pattern! Well done on the weight loss too, you can do it for sure!

    I’ve got a Ginger in the making too, I think that pattern’s gonna be a winner for my shape! Can’t wait to get it finished!

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