Rooibos Muslin

I jumped at the chance to join in on the Colette Rooibos Sew-Along. Of course I didn’t let the fact that I have yet to make a dress deter me. I figured I’d make a muslin and learn as I go. Well…I am very, very glad I did a muslin. I cut an 18 (the biggest size) but I had to add some inches in the bodice (2″) and the waist (3.5″). I added them at the seams and now I wonder if that was a correct method. The skirt was too wide and I’ll have to scale it back for the next trial. Because the skirt was too wide for the bodice the fabric gathered as I tried to sew them together.

Rooibos Muslin

Gathered fabric in the back and at the seam

Check out these wonky pockets. So embarrassed.

If you squint the pockets are leveled 🙂

The back is such a nightmare.
Rooibos Muslin

I am left with these questions: Should I grade the patterns up a size (up to a 20) so the bodice and skirt match? Or would adding the inches at the seam equally to the bodice and waist fix the gathered fabric problem?


7 thoughts on “Rooibos Muslin

  1. I think for a simple add to the side adjustment the most you can do is up to two inches. After that i think you have to do either pivot and slide or slash and spread methods. For the bust I don’t think you can just add to the sides. I believe you have to do a fba or the arm holes will be wonky. I have not accomplished any of these things but I have several books on fitting that I have yet to put into practice. If you Google those methods I think you will find enough info without getting a book.

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    • My fat back seems to be the biggest problem 🙂 I think I added to much on the first go. I think I’ll give it another go just added an inch or so at the seams. If that doesn’t work I’ll look into something else. I’m sure I have the info at my fingertips ( I own ‘Fit for Real People’ and ‘The Sewing Book’ ) and haven’t come across the solution…yet!

      Thank you!!


  2. However I often go from either a 14—16 waist to a 18 hip and what I do is just curve the seam at the bottom of the bodice to an 18 so that it can connect easily to the 18 skirt. I don’t do a lot to mess up the seam maybe an inch to an inch and a half at the most.


  3. Heya,
    I’m doing the sew along too, although I’m waiting on my pattern to arrive so haven’t officially started yet 😉 If it helps any my measurements are 48-40-51 so my plan is to cut a size 16 (closer to my high-bust measurement of 41″) then do a 2 or 3 inch FBA. for the lower part I’ll grade out from the 16 directly under the bust to my waist and hip measurements by adding to the side seam.
    Now this may be a total disaster, won’t know until I get the pattern, but it’s always nice to have a plan 😉 I’ll let you know how I get on


  4. I also am in favor of making adjustments to the employer whether to add more than one inch at the seams, thus avoiding many problems then added this extra seam allowance. However, it is thought that a muslin and this can be corrected. Looking ahead …


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