Bargain finds at Walthamstow Market

I’ve been anxious to visit Walthamstow Market after reading Karen’s posts (here and here) about the great sewing finds it has to offer. My friend recently moved to the area so I invited myself (cheeky, I know) over to check out her new place and the market. Luckily for me she didn’t mind showing me around and being patient as I ogled over all the great stuff I saw.

Fabric is the last thing I need (…for now) but I had to snatch up this blue eyelet at £1 a meter.

Only something sweet can come from this

I own quite a bit of fabric but I’ve found I don’t have enough notions. When I was making my sailboat skirt I had to nip out for a zip. I kept my eye out for some and bought these, 20 for 50P!

Zips! No concealed ones...but still...Zips!

So many great stalls for haberdashery. I felt like an overexcited puppy. Haberdashery galore!

I love a bargain

1. 30 Snaps, 50P
2. 5M of lace, 50P. (Hoping to use these for some cute undies)
3. 4M of lace, £2.00 (My first purchase at the beginning of the market. Didn’t know there cheaper options to come!)
4. 7M of stripey cotton twill, 50P
5. 30M Bias Binding, £2.35
6. 30M Bias Binding, £2.35
7, 30M Bias Binding, £2.35
8. 25M Bias Binding, £1.00
9. 10M navy lace, £1.00
10. 5M of elastic, 50P
11. 6 buttons, 40P
12. 35 buttons, 30P

All in all I think I did pretty well for myself. I walked away with a ton of notions and spent less than £20. Yowsers. Thanks for posting about Walthamstow Market, Karen. Great market, great finds.

9 thoughts on “Bargain finds at Walthamstow Market

    • It was a stall that belonged to an older couple, I wish I knew exactly. Towards the middle, more than likely. They said they are retiring after 42 years of being on the market so everything is being sold for cheap!

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  1. What a bargain, especially the £1 per metre eyelet…gorgeous! The bias binding is also sweet…is it satin do you know? I’d love some silky satin type bias binding!


  2. LOVE the eyelet. I saw a navy blue eyelet dress at a fancy boutique the other day, so I’ve been searching the Internet for some. But what you bought is an even prettier color. Great find!


  3. Do you have an address for the Notions store please? It’a apparently not listed on Google at all! I’ve got a lot of class projects coming up and even which shop it’s next to and their shop number (as in, which number they are on the street, e.g 86 high street) would be handy!


    • Hello! I didn’t get any of the notions in a shop but at various stalls. The stalls I bought most of my stuff from were towards the middle of the market. One stall was managed by a man (left-hand side if you’re coming from the tube station) and the other by an older couple (located on the right-hand side) who are retiring and selling everything they have at bargain prices. Hopefully they are still there. They offered the best rates. I hope that helps. Wish I could give you better directions but it was a while ago so I can’t remember where exactly what stores the stalls were located in front of. Hope that helps!


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