Have you ever had a fabric sing to you, telling you instantly what you should use it for? I experienced this for the first time this week. On Tuesday I ventured to Fabric Galore in Clapham. I had an appointment in the neighborhood so I *had* to stop by. Very glad I did. They may not have as good as a remnants bin as Rolls and Rems but they have so many fabric choices in lots of prints. While I was there they got a delivery from Liberty. I drooled over all the bolts of beautiful fabrics as they were brought in. So lush.

I did manage to get some Liberty fabric that was on sale for £8 a meter. I snatched up the 1.5 they had left and felt victorious. But…that’s not the fabric that sung to me. It was this one:

I found it after I was done browsing and about to head out. I knew instantly that I wanted to use it for an Amy Butler A-line skirt pattern. When I have gone fabric shopping before it’s usually without direction. I buy what I like and match it with projects later. This was the first time that bought a fabric and knew what it was meant to be. Not maybe or kinda, just knew. I was super excited. So excited that I whipped this up today.

I even managed to put in the zip on the first try.

Even the slip stitch came out in my favor.

If the sun fails to appear in the next few days this skirt will definitely brighten my days. It screams summer…with some margaritas on the side. So glad a vision came together. So damn satisfied.

After a few requests of me in the skirt, here it is:


22 thoughts on “Ahoy!

  1. Mella the skirt is so pretty. I love the fabric. I have never lined a skirt that a zip before. I Salute you. You will have to show me how to do that.


  2. Beautiful! (The skirts not bad either…) I jest. Lovely job my dear. I’m glad it came out just like you wanted; it looks lovely on you with that top especially!


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