7 thoughts on “Fabric rich

  1. I loved looking at your fabrics, I love the polka dots and the linen print in particular.

    I noticed you didn’t put the widths of the fabrics. Might I know why?

    Locally, they sell mostly 58-60in fabrics so imagine my surprise (and frustration) when I realized just how common 44-45in was in the USA. I’m glad I now have the reference cards “How Much Fabric?” because I have a lot of fabric for tops in my stash, LOL!


  2. What fun! What is a smart solution to know what material to use for a certain pattern … however, I’m drooling on my keyboard …. OMG! How many beautiful fabrics!


    • Thank you! I *had* to sort it out before I started my next project. I felt at a standstill because I didn’t know how much of what I had. A chart made sense to me.

      My local fabric shop has a FABULOUS remnants bin. It”s heaven. Pieces average about £6 for 3-5 meters. Not too bad, I think 🙂


  3. This is too cool! Is it simply an excel spreadsheet with photos pasted in, then uploaded to Google docs? Ima steal your idea!


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