I’m scared…

…of Butterick B5605. I cannot wrap my head around how to put together the kimono sleeve. I was hoping to be done with it by now but instead all the cut pieces sit on a chair, teasing me. I think I am going to skip the bodice for now and work on the skirt. For my confidence’s sake I need to be able to construct something before giving the bodice another go.

So the patterns I ordered in May are definitely M.I.A. So I am calling it, rest in peace: Butterick B5613, Butterick B6837, Butterick B4132, Butterick B5610 , Butterick B5383, Butterick B5489. Hope who ever has you needed you more than I did.

So with that pattern issue over with I have been able to keep my eyes open for cheap and cheerful patterns. My husband and I ventured to York this past weekend and I found some patterns that are a bit…um…classic. Others (Colette patterns) I fell in love with through reading about them in sewing blogs and had to order them after getting a 20% off coupon. So I present to you my updated Clothes to Sew list:

1. Burda 4585: A beautiful dress shirt and big girl friendly πŸ™‚ Think I will make this minus the shoulder pads.
2. Burda 4808: I have some gorgeous dark red jersey that will make an excellent comfy T. No big prints allowed for this pattern.
3. Burda 5375: More dress than shirt. More button hole practice.
4. Simplicity 7907 (does not show well in picture): This pattern is not in my size. I am hoping that my ‘Fit for Real People’ book will help me sort that out.

4. New Look 6230: A nice easy long dress. Won’t be making the waistcoat.
5. Butterick 5556: More kimono sleeves. Oy.
6. Colette 1015/Violet: Colette provides amazing tutorials and instructions. There’s no wonder why I dove in and bought a bunch after Sarai offered readers 20% off if they filled out a survey.
7. Colette 1005/Beignet: I fell in LOVE with the denim version made by Tilly so I will be making one in a dark denim with some pretty Liberty buttons I plan to make as well.

8. Colette 1013/Crepe
9. Colette 1008/ Oolong

10. Colette 1007/Sencha
11. Colette 1006/Rooibos: Can not wait for the sew-a-long next month.
12. Colette 1016/Ginger: Seeing Jane’s version convinced me to get it. I wasn’t too sure but hers looked too sweet not to want one for myself.

So there’s my updated list. I think I will stick to making the beginner level patterns and work my way up to the intermediate ones. That’s the plan once I get done with B5605. I refuse to put it aside. I have to finish it, even if it comes out a bit wonky πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “I’m scared…

  1. Blimey Mela, Did you buy all of the Collette patterns? wow!! I am so jealous. I only have the Beignet and Macaron. I want the Oolong so badly, I can’t breathe. Don’t worry about those patterns you lost. There’s always a reason for something I’m sure. You never know, they might make their way back to you.


  2. Definitely master the beginner level patterns first and don’t worry, you’ll soon master the more complicated ones. I wish I could sit you down with my Mum! I’m sure she could show you how to do the kimono sleeve.


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