Playing detective

So…the current tenants at my old place say they have not received the package containing my patterns. So I figured, “Oh, it must be at the collection office!” Let me tell you that there are four different phone numbers online for the collection office in Tooting. None worked. So at 10AM yesterday I got on the tube and headed down. An hour and ten minutes later I was begging a worker to search for my package. He did and found nothing! What the…I was suddenly full of negative thoughts about the current tenants. I was picturing them laughing maniacally as they cut out patterns as I huffed down to my old building. Luckily for me someone was doing maintenance and I managed to slip inside. Ha! Take that evil tenant. I am on to you!

The mail is separated and kept on a long dresser in the hallway. I searched through all of it and found some old mail but no delivery slip or package. Womp…womp…So with my tail in between my legs I headed home and moped for the rest of the day. I wish I wasn’t so upset over losing them but I am. I had fabric picked out, a schedule as to when to do what… Ugh. Failure!

But I still have my retro Butterick patterns (which I bought these AGES ago) that I planned to make later, when I felt a bit more skilled. But to hell with it. These are the only dress patterns I have and I want to make a dress now, dammit. Potty mouth! Sorry. Can you tell how frustrated I am?

So I started working on this baby in my dressmaking class.

Butterick B5605

It took me 2.5 hours to cut the pattern and to adjust the sleeves to fit my chunky arms. My teacher suggested I do a less, um, voluminous skirt. I think she was afraid I would be very disappointed in the look (she was calling me fat, uh huh) if I go for the full skirt so I may do something a bit more straight cut.

My dressmaking class ends next week so I will be working on this dress solo after then. Scared of messing up pretty fabric I settled for some that was inexpensive but unfortunately may wash me out a bit. I figured it was okay because I could wear the dress for a fancy dress party or something.

I needed 6 yards!

I still feel bummed that my patterns are lost but I won’t consider replacing them until much later. You know, just in case! Keeping hope that the package gets returned to New Mexico.

May your sewing attempts these days be less frustrating!

5 thoughts on “Playing detective

  1. Oh how annoying that your patterns seem to be lost … I know that I would be very upset and frustrated! However, that retro Butterick pattern you have started making is very lovely – and will probably keep your mind off the lost patterns. Love the pretty dotty fabric!


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