Two weeks and still waiting for my patterns that I ordered AGES ago. Come to find out my Butterick patterns are M.I.A. My mother-in-law accidently sent them to our old address in Tooting. Sad. Day.

Now I am stuck waiting to hear back from the old landlord in hopes that he will ask the tenant and see if they have the package.

Until then I will be a bit miffed.

7 thoughts on “Womp…womp…womp…

  1. That’s not good. Sorry to hear about that. I’m sure it will get sorted. Why don’t you go over to your old place and ask the current tenants?


  2. Aw man! I recently sent a vintage vogue shorts pattern to an address that I have had 4 address changes from. I learned my lesson and took all those old addresses off my PayPal account. 😦


    • I have learned my lesson: no asking peeps in the States to send me anything unless they confirm my address. So frustrating. I am picturing some random south London person is cutting out some shirt patterns now…


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