Clothes to Sew

Having completed my Sorbetto, I have been feeling the need to make more, accomplish more. So I made a list. It feels so good to feel a bit organized. I decided not to assign a due date for any of the patterns because I’m not sure when I will feel like sewing what. Now all I need to do is designate which fabric for what. Oh boy.

This weekend I got to wear my Sorbetto to a friend’s dinner party. She hosted a four course dinner, with a different wine for each course! Lush. Put my hosting abilities to shame! I am horrible. I never pair wines to a meal. I just top up empty glasses 🙂  So as promised here is a photo of me in my Sorbetto. Gosh, I love that pattern. Must. Make. More.





11 thoughts on “Clothes to Sew

  1. Aha. I finally get to see it on you, and its lovely to boot. Have your patterns arrived yet. I love the sorbetto so much, I just cut three more. Now I’m waiting for the energy to make them.


      • May I ask what you used for the bias binding?
        Did you make your own from the fabric, or a contrasting ready made?
        I’ve made my own for the current Sorbetto, and now I need to alter the bust but the fabric bias binding will dissolve if I rip it out. I was wondering if you had any good tips for making the bias binding a bit more stable?

        PS. Is the “Notify me of new posts via email” the only way to follow your blog? I would like it to appear on my side bar blog roll when you post 😀


  2. The Sorbetto is beautiful, I love your choice of pink pokka dots in a delicate sheer fabric. I am also very impressived with your sewing dedication, making your own bias tape!
    I look forward to seeing the results from the other projects on your list.

    Becky x
    ps. I really hope your patterns turn up!!! I was inspired to buy the Butterwick Walk Away dress pattern recently but havent found the perfect fabric yet to start it.


    • Thank you. I love this top. I just made another one in green and will make another one in floral.

      I think I’ve given up hope on the patterns. Oh well. At least my Colette patterns made it to me safely 🙂

      If you ever want to go fabric shopping let me know. I’m always up for it. Goldhawks Rd is a great place to look. I find Rolls and Rems has a lot of gems in their remnants bin.

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