Swiss dots no more

Who knew you have to wash Swiss dot fabric on delicate? Not me…and it shows 🙂

No worries. I am womaning up and going forward with the Sorbetto top. The fabric still looks cute sans dots.

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Swiss dots no more

  1. Oh dear, that’s a bummer, but at least your fabric is still very cute without the dots. I love that you’re just getting on with it…can’t wait to see how it looks ;o)


  2. Knives? lol. I’m soooooo happy you are working on an actual clothing project. I just made a sorbetto last night. its really a nice top to make.


    • Yes, butter knives worked perfect! They had no jam on them so all was good 🙂

      I’m done with the Sorbetto…kinda. Waiting for my bias maker to arrive so I can start making some for the shirt. Hurrah for making clothes! I’m getting brave, girl.


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