Sis Boom Ba!

Finally finished the Sis Boom Dana Top pattern I bought from Etsy. I had a very hard time with the neckline and zig-zag stitching. I stitched and unstitched it several times in hopes of getting it right. Unfortunately I have several little puncture holes in the ruffles. Hoping, maybe, they’ll go away a bit when I wash it. After changing needles and playing with the tension the zig-zag stitching came out a bit better. Not amazing but a lot better. Here is me in the finished top.

I definitely have to take it in. It fits me a bit wide. I knew it might be. When it came to picking a size I preferred going a size up rather than down. I figured it would be much easier to take it in. I think I will also re-do the hem. It puckered a bit. You can see it a bit in the right hand side of the photo.

So, will I make this pattern again? Yes…in due time. I think I need to put some time between me and this pattern. Not sure if it was meant for someone a bit more skilled. I’ll give it another go once I make a few more pieces. I’d love to have it in a turquoise color, and shorter.

Next up? I think I will give the Port Elizabeth pattern a go. It’s free on Burda Style. Take a look if you’re interested in making a light summer top.

Until next time!

10 thoughts on “Sis Boom Ba!

  1. Its lovely. I love the belt too. the fabric is so nice. Don’t worry. the next time you make this top, it’ll be a breeze. I normally find the first time a pattern a bit more difficult. subsequent makes are always easier.


  2. It looks cute and the fabric is so vibrant and pretty that no one would notice any flaws. Its good to pick a simple project after a doozy to build you back up.


  3. I like the top! I would never guess that you’ve just taken up sewing from the picture. And thanks for pointing out that top on Burda Style (and reminding me that this website exists)! I used to be on BUrda Style all the time, but I hardly go there anymore.


  4. Thank you for posting this! We are just about to start a sew-along for the Dana top on the Sis Boom Facebook group and I was wondering what it looked like longer. This looks lovely on you! I hope you are still rocking this 2 years later!

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