Sew Sad

Sad Panda=Me

Today was one of those BAD sewing days. I had a great holiday weekend hosting friends from the States. Once they left I was ready to get Dorothy out and get ahead on a tunic. I’ve been working on it during class time (I’m taking a beginner’s dressmaking class for the last 3 weeks!) and I really want to get it done and over with so I can move on to a new project. Sadly, I failed at getting ahead. I did manage to gather, stitch and unstitch a neckline TWICE! Ugh. And to make matters worse my machine started skipping stitches. I re-threaded it twice, cleaned out the bobbin holder, re-adjusted the needle, played with the tension…And it is still skipping. Don’t know what it can be. And after torturing my poor fabric (so many puncture holes!) I gave up on sewing and gave into feeling sad. I should be in class but instead I am moping about my sewing skills, or lack there of.

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will try again. But today…today I think I will just be a sad panda.

5 thoughts on “Sew Sad

  1. Tomorrow is a new day indeed and will feel heaps better I’m sure. We all have frustrating days like you’ve described, I think it’s best to just take a step back and sleep on it. Everything seems to seem much easier the next day, so don’t give up ;o)


  2. Have you tried adjusting the tension of the machine? it might help. Don’t worry about feeling bad. IT happens to all of us, especially when you are in another country. I miss home alot sometimes too. but i suppose this is my new home now. Its a few days to your birthday, so cheer up.

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  3. (Hugs) I have no idea why but sometimes changing the needle helps. When a whole lot of stuff keeps going wrong it is best to just tackle them another day.


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