Memorial Day Pattern Sale!

And I cannot resist a good sale. Butterick is having a Memorial Day sale. It started today and ends 30 May. Unfortunately for those who don’t live in the States, international shipping can be a bit steep if you order more than two or three. But if you have a nice friend or family member coming to visit, ship it to them. Or they can post them to you. I ordered eight and had them sent to my mother-in-law. At the end shipping will be cheaper having her mail them ($14) than the company ($55!). So after costs and shipping (to her then me) is calculated I end up paying about £3.75. Not too bad*.

Butterick dress pattern

B4790 Misses' Wrap Dress

Butterick Skirt Pattern

B5613 Misses' Skirt and Sash

Butterick Pajama Pattern

B6837 Unisex Robe, Belt, Top, Shorts & Pants

Butterick skirt pattern

B5557 Misses' Top and Skirt

Butterick Misses Top Pattern

B4132 Misses'/Misses' Petite Top and Belt

Butterick Misses' Top

B5610 Misses' Top

Butterick Misses' Dress

B5383 Misses' Dress

Butterick Maxi Dress

B5489 Misses' Dress

They all range in skill so I’ll be able to work on the easy ones first and work my way to the harder ones. I will be one busy bee! So, which one should I conqueror first?!

* I do hope it’s all worth the waiting and trouble.

7 thoughts on “Memorial Day Pattern Sale!

  1. ugh I thought I was done yesterday but here you go showing some goodies that I had not considered. I’m really tempted to move over to wordpress myself. I really like seeing when I have followers and this new thing with it being down is just making me sad.


    • I LOVE WP. My other blog is one here so it just makes it easier for me. And the dashboard is clean and organized. It uploads photographs in a better quality, I think. But you lose knowing who follows you. But you do still get to read your stats.


  2. I actuallystarted shopping for these patterns, but realised I did not have any of my family or friend’s address to send it to, and I stopped. i’ll just have to wait for sewdirect sales.


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