More fabric?!

Yes. Yes I did buy more fabric. Why? I cannot resist a great deal. I was in the neighborhood (if that means me getting on a bus to get there, sure, I was in the ‘hood) so I stopped in at Rolls and Rems just to see if they had anything in their sales bin. Last time I was there it was a bit scarce. But the last time before that it wasn’t and I came home with some great stuff.

Yesterday I went in and found too many choices in the bin. So rather than decide between one or two, I bought all the ones I liked. Naughty, I know. But I got some great linens that I am hoping to make into some blouses and cute skirts.  The fabrics in the sales bin doesn’t have a measurement along with the price. You just have to measure it there or wait to be surprised once you get home.
I rushed home and it turns out I bought 15.75 yards, or 14.40 metres, of fabric for only £29! For the quality I got I feel as though I hit the jackpot. That only comes out to £2.07 a metre. Not too shabby (Right? Please tell me I did good. I’m so new to this). Here’s what I scored.
I have another fabric that I forgot to take a picture of but now it’s all wrinkled after going through the washing machine.

So here I sit, readers, with metres upon metres of freshly laundered fabrics scared to cut into them! I knew that one day I would venture into clothes-making and that sometime is now and I’m scared! What if my wobbly bits look awful in everything I make?! What if I end up with the wrong pattern on my butt?! What if, what if, what if…that’s what I am feeling these days. I think I have to go fondle my fabrics to feel better. That always calms me down.

So what makes you just jump in and cut away?

4 thoughts on “More fabric?!

  1. >How could you resist such wonderful bargains! The prices are excellent and the fabrics you have chosen are gorgeous – I wouldn't have been able to resist any of those prints. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of them – just plunge in!


  2. >Marie you so right. I'm really proud. Remnants are the way forward. Lol. Melizza you need to take me to this place. The prints are really beautiful.


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