Show me your space!

I got really inspired to tidy my space after reading this post about sewists and their sewing space. Prepare to get a bit jel (any TOWIE fans out there?) before reading it. The bright light, great organization and neat stacks of luscious fabric. I love when everything has a home and maybe one day I can have my very own craft room. There is so much inspiration out there! Just look here!

Well that post got me thinking…I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? Yes? Well, I’m going for it. Here’s my space…but do note that it’s very much still a work in progress. And it was a dark day in London (surprised?) so a dark day inside.
 I work in the dining room/living room.  I wish I had a room dedicated just for crafting but in London space is precious and hard to come by. So I do what I can with the help of the glass table that came with the flat. Here’s just a small list of the things I use every time I sew.

1. My ‘vintage’ three tier sewing box. Is it really vintage? I don’t really know. It definitely looks it. I bought this precious little thing off of ebay. I know I could have settled for a tackle box for £5 but it wouldn’t have been as cute. And cute things matter. I think, anyway. Sadly, I am already growing out of my box. Will need some more storage in the next coming months. For now, living in the box are my 30+ thread spools, seam ripper, tape measure, pinking shears, bias binding, etc.

2. My iron. It’s not the best but it’s hot and that’s all that matters for now.

3. My dress patterns (although few) provide me inspiration. The one on top is my ‘goal’ pattern. It’s the dress I would love to make and wear for the Royal Ascot next month. *Sigh* I can dream.

4. My bag of strips. I keep all my strips, for now anyway. Hoping to make one a fabric pomander.

5. A sewing calendar. Experiencing sewing block? This calendar with daily projects can help.

6. Sewing machine. Or Dorothy, as I like to call her. Mrs. Zbornak if you’re nasty.

7. Sewing books and sewing machine handbook. I often look something up so I can make sure I am doing things correctly. Or not as bad.

8. Self-healing cutting mat. Can’t go and ruin the landlord’s pretty glass table, can I?

9. Craptastic ruler. One day I will get a nice big one. But for now this one will have to do.

10. A knitting needle. Got a set at a charity shops for 50p. Bargain. Helpful to turn things inside out, especially corners.

11. My pincushion. Or pin cushion? Pincushion for me because I LOVE compound words. We need to bring them back, use more of them, I say.

12. Scissors. Okay scissors. Wouldn’t call them shears. Definitely wouldn’t cut paper with them. That would be a big no-no.

13. Water soluble pen. I am partial to these more than tailor’s chalk. I like to really see the marks I make.

14. Rotary cutter. Great for cutting up your fabric fast and in straight lines (when using a ruler).

Close-ups of things:

So there’s my space. If you’ve blogged about yours please comment and leave a link. I’d love to check it out…I’m nosy. If you haven’t blogged about it yet…well, get on with it. Show me what you got!

5 thoughts on “Show me your space!

  1. >hahahahahahaha. I don't have a space as well, i use the living room table. not appropriate, but it keeps me going. I Totally understand you about the lack of space in London. My bits and bobs are all over the place. I will have to dedicate a whole weekend find them if I have to show my own "space".lol


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