Fabric Fandango: Goldhawk Road

Luck was on my side the day that I came across a blogger’s post about a fabric shop hop! Karen from Did You Make That? organized a brilliant get-together, Fabric Fandango: Goldhawk Road. She provided a map of the sewing shops in the area and prizes for the first ten people who showed up! Amazing. And always the eager beaver guess who got a bag? Me…correct. About 40 women showed up for the event. Coincidentally another sewing group was having an outing to the shops as well. We all split up into small groups and on we went.

I think I got a bit overzealous, along with some other of the sewists. Only a handful managed to stay on track and not buy much. My group leader, Dibs, or as I call her, The Haggling Queen, managed not to pay full price for any of her fabric. I learned a few tricks from her. Here’s hoping I can haggle next time I go fabric shopping for my birthday. I will call on the haggling spirit of Dibs on that day.

Dibs and her mountain of fabric!
I had such a really great with my group: Dibs, Adrienne, Justine and Marie.  Time flew and we still didn’t get to go into all the textile stores. Just another reason to re-visit. 
After shopping we headed to a local bar and shared shopping finds over drinks. We were asked to put out all of our fabric onto the table in front of us to show everyone. 
I cannot wait to see what I can make with the fabrics I purchased. This was the first time that I went out to buy fabrics I would use strictly for clothes. I often only buy quilting weight fabric for my crafts. I am afraid I don’t know what I will produce from my clothes sewing skills but here’s hoping they’re wearable!

I met such wonderful, inspiring women. I am very glad to be part of such a supportive community. Hoping to cross paths with y’all in the interwebs and in real life again.

14 thoughts on “Fabric Fandango: Goldhawk Road

  1. >And what a good thing you stumbled across that first post…or we wouldn't have met! I had such a fun time, but I seriously need to go back and buy all the fabric you got..I'm having serious regrets now-lol! Oh, and I'm about half way through 'The Fingersmith' now….sooo good!!!


  2. >Hahahaha. The haggling queen? We could go shopping again when you want. Marie if you are popping back into goldhawk road let me know and i'll meet you. I'm always up for fabric shopping. Lol.When's your bday melizza?


  3. >nah its not weird. With loads of these charity shops, its a hit and miss. I'm afraid I won't be ablt to do anything weekdays if its before 6pm. I finish work at 5pm, and by then, all shops will be closed. We could make it the saturday before or after your bday. so that will be the 4th or 11th . what say you?


  4. What a great idea for a meetup!
    Sadly, the fabulous fabric shops of Goldhawk road are at threat of demolition.
    You can read the full details on Melissa’s blog:


    Please spread the word,join the facebook group, write to the council and lend your support in any way you can. Otherwise fabric shopping trips to Goldhawk road may sadly become a thing of the past.


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