Spring Sewing Swap Reveal

Kerry, thanks again for organizing another fabulous swap. I really enjoyed doing it last year; so I happily signed up for it again this time around.

I was paired up with the radiant Jill from Oh Crafty One. We are Instagram friends and hopefully one day we can become real life friends since she lives in the same state.

So here are the LOVELY goodies she sent me.

Sewing swap
1. A lovely crafty book that covers everything I love.
2. Some yummy bold fabric. I love the flowers in it.
3. I cannot wait to play around with the fold-over elastic. I see some undergarments in my future…
4. I never knew elastic yarn existed. I’m not sure what I can make with it but nothing a quick google won’t tell me.
5. Beautiful vintage buttons…for all the button-up projects I need to get started on.

Thank you so much Jill. The goodies ticked all the boxes for things I love: fabric, notions books and bold colors!

Just baking people, just baking. And cooking.

I’ve been having a hard time getting into a sewing routine. And it’s not because I’m distracted by Little Dude. He’s still napping like a champ. I’m not taking advantage of the opportunity to sew. Instead I take the time he’s asleep to either get some chores done, go out for a walk (don’t worry, I bring him along) or try to relax by baking or just doing nothing. But what about sewing? It’s relaxing. Yes. It definitely can be. But it’s been so long since I’ve done it regularly that I spend more and more time thinking about it, prepping to do it, than doing it.

So lately my creative juices are being poured into baking and cooking. Because, you know, why not.

My creation

So yeah, that’s a lot of food. Good thing we like to eat ;)

As much as I love to bake and cook I miss sewing. And as of today I feel like I’m back to it wholeheartedly and it feels right. When I made last month’s circle skirt I felt stressed and didn’t enjoy the process. And to no surprise I stayed away from the sewing room (and my new serger, thanks awesome hubbie!). But today I went back to the sewing table and truly loved working on my project. I took my time and really enjoyed each step, not rushing once. So tomorrow I look forward to sharing my newest garment, nothing fancy, but exciting for me nonetheless.

Let’s officially call this a comeback.

My Growing Wardrobe

When I found out I was pregnant I felt fortunate to know how to sew. As a plus-sized woman it can be difficult to find well-fitting, fashionable clothes. Since learning to sew I’ve come to feel good, real good, in the clothes I make. And still do, eight months into pregnancy. I accept the numbers on the scale, those one the measuring tape and just go from there. I made some great pieces that proved to work well throughout my pregnancy and I can’t help but breathe a huge sigh of relief. Only one maternity dress didn’t make it into this stage of the baby-making process (looking at you, Simplicity 1998 ). With a combination of previously owned ready-to-wear pieces that still fit, my me-made maternity wear and a few maternity pieces I bought on sale I’ve had quite a fun time with maternity fashion.

When I found out I was pregnant I was determined to show the positive energy I was feeling in my appearance. The bright colors and flirty fashion choices continued. And here are the me-made winners that have made it with me into the third trimester.

Purple Sew U Home Stretch Dress Purple Babydoll dress from Sew U Home Stretch.

Pregnant or not, make this dress. It’s so cute and über comfy.

Red/Navy Sew U Home Stretch Dress Red/Navy Babydoll Dress from Sew U Home Stretch

Cicle skirtSelf-drafted Circle Skirt and Colette Jasmine Blouse

Feeling sassy? Make a circle skirt and sashay about. You won’t regret it.

Maternity Ginger SkirtRefashioned Colette Ginger Skirt

I’m glad I was able to save this skirt from the donation pile. Adding a tummy band quickly made it wearable.

Stripey Skirt Stripey Skirt based on an existing maternity skirt

This skirt is my jam. I love it so much.

Liberty DressMy favorite and most loved, the Lace and Liberty 1970 Maternity Dress

I’ve really enjoyed sewing and dressing for my ever-changing body (refashioning jeans came in handy!) and I wouldn’t do anything different if I can do it again. A good mix of RTW and me-made pieces helped me until the near end. I never overexerted myself to make more. But now, with 4 weeks to go, I’m tempted to make a few more pieces :). But the logical thing to do is stay content with what I have and call it a complete maternity wardrobe. And make baby stuff instead :)

2012 Me-Made Stuff

Sew U Home Stretch Babydoll DressDressing the BumpBaby Doll DressTwo Little Banshees Quilt for baby boyColette Juniper Muslin #1Chexie's bibs
Refashioned Maternity Colette Ginger skirtSimplicity 1998Muslin #1 for Simplicity 8670 (vintage 1970)Muslin #2 for Simplicity 8670 (vintage 1970)Final version of Simplicity 8670 (maternity pattern) in Liberty cotton and Japanese laceColette Clovers paired with Grainline Patterns Tiny Pocket Tank
Victory Patterns Ava TopColette Hazel DressMe Made May Day 25Me Made May Day 27 (My husband's birthday)Me Made May Day 24MMM Day 20
Sewaholic Renfrew MaxiNew Look 6230Sifting Through Blog-CreteSimplicity 2451, aka The Lobster SkirtPyjamas and a fire...bliss!Ginger with Crochet Trim

2012 Me-Made Stuff, a set on Flickr.

I’ll keep this brief. We have boxes of furniture we have to start putting together. Blergh.

I had quite a productive sewing year. Considering a year ago I was afraid to cut into fabric I’m quite happy with the results. They are not all great but quite a few winners in there.

I can’t get enough of my pajama bottoms and my maternity dresses. They have been saviors during this bump-a-licious period. But I think best prize definitely goes to my Windmill Colette Hazel.

I definitely want to revisit some on my failures (never got that fit perfect), like Darling Ranges , the Juniper trousers, and Jasmine blouse.

This sewing year I felt adventurous, less fearful, and didn’t let mistakes keep me from finishing a project.

I thoroughly enjoyed making sewing friends offline and online. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of wonderful you added to my day-to-day (here’s a clue: LOADS).

No guarantees that I will be as productive next year, with a baby on the hip and all, but I’ll try to make things as well-made as I can. Here’s to learning and improving our sewing skills!

Happy New Year!

Oh yeah…

In my previous post I forgot to thank everyone for their thoughtful comments and well wishes on a safe journey. I didn’t have much time to comment to each and every one so figured this would do: Thank you! Group hug!



Hey! I jumped at the chance to do a guest post for Karen from Did You Make That?. Go and check it out. I dare you not to want and make doughnuts after reading. They are so yum.

Originally posted on Did You Make That?:

Hey, guys! I know that Melizza of Pincushion Treats can bake, because I’ve eaten several of her creations. Macaroons, cheese cake, cocktails… If I lived with Melizza, I don’t think I’d ever stop licking my plate clean. She was the obvious person to invite as a guest blogger for our Apronalong Launch. I asked her to bake something unusual and exciting, and she didn’t disappoint…

Doughnuts have been on my mind a lot lately. I blame The Great British Bake Off. I’ve been collecting doughnut recipes for the last month and when Karen asked me to do a guest post on baking I knew I had to make doughnuts.

I used a chocolate cream filled vanilla sugar doughnut recipe by Joy the Baker. And rather than re-write the recipe in this post, I figured I would share with you some tips I learned as I made them.

Dough ingredients

Tip 1:

View original 573 more words

Fall/Winter Sewing Plans and a Huge THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for your congratulations, your great pattern suggestions and for just being straight up AWESOME. We’re super excited, and having kept the news to ourselves for three months now, it feels great to finally share it. I seriously wanted to scream it to the world but managed not to. Big deal, y’all. Big deal. Anyhow, I really appreciate your kind words and it really truly made my day. Thank you.

So, fall/winter sewing plan! I am thinking dresses, underpinnings and separates. The usual, I guess. As always I may have an ambitious list on my hands. I always have the best intentions of sewing everything on my list. But just like a goldfish I get easily distracted by shiny objects. So my plan will be loosely followed. But with that said I have already made a pair of Clovers (sneaky me didn’t show you the knit waistband I had added) and the Groovy Liberty dress. Using Zo’s great maternity tutorial I have adjusted the Tiny Pocket Tank and the Renfrew top. All I have to do sew it up. So I am definitely on my way to making good progress through my list.

I have a lot of patterns. I am not going to lie. I sat down one afternoon and looked at them and put aside the ones I thought could be adapted for maternity wear. I then narrowed the pack smaller by considering a few things:

1) Is it a quick, relatively easy make? I don’t want to invest a lot of time on a complicated pattern I won’t be able to wear a few months postpartum.
2) Will it be easy to fit/adapt to belly? Again, don’t want too much complications. Hoping to stick to mostly knit fabrics. Hoping to become a jersey-sewing pro!
3) How likely am I to wear said pattern? I have to be smart in picking my print and fabric because I’d hate to get bored with it quickly. And it has to be comfortable. If not, to the back of the closet it will go and remain.
4) How likely am I to sew a pattern while heavily pregnant? Do I need to make sure the clothes I make can be grown into in a few months (yay knits!)?
5) Can the tops and bottoms easily make various outfits? Are they good layering pieces with the dresses? I really want to layer this fall. I found a great site for inspiration.
6) Refashion, refashion, refashion. There are quite a few items in my closet that need some life breathed back into them. My denim Ginger has always fit snug around the waist so I am considering replacing the waistband with a knit one.

So what’s next on my sewing table? I am currently washing some mustard Ponte Roma knit I bought last week. I’m hoping it will look great made up into this:


Hope y’all have a great week! And many thanks again :)